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darbs peciite 09.10.2008 10:37
ja veelies nopelniit seezzot i-netaa.. raksti. peciite@gmail.com
Ieva 20.08.2009 10:45
Darba ir nestabila situacija,velos piepelnities!Gaishu kadu info!
Zhenya 07.05.2010 17:03
Description of vacancy: We`re inviting girls for work in Go-Go bars and clubs. This is a good chance for you to seel all over the world and to spend holidays in USA, travelling and earn good money (aprox. $7000-$15000 per month) Requirements for dancers: We are searching young and beautiful ladies of 18-30 years old, who love dances and don’t mind to earn money for it ($7000-$15000 per month) Responsibilities: Dancer should light up atmosphere and mood in establishment on a scene or podium. The conditions of work: The business in Go-Go bars is based on the principle not to use same dancer all the time, but to verify- change dancers, so one dancer can work in one club from 1 till 7 days per week, as popular and prestigious club is, as less days can one dancer work there. That is why clubs cooperate with our agency, which provides, except the main ones, coordination of performances and dancers` transfer to and from work. Contract: Before the flight to USA, the dancer signs the officialcontract, which has legal force and where all rights and responsibilities are mentioned. The work schedule: Each dancer should work at least 5 working days per week. At the end of each week, work schedule for next week is formed up together with dancer, days of week and clubs, where dancers will performare chosen also. The conditions of residence: Our company will help you to rent for $400 a good apartment in New Jersey, but all girls have good money, so from the second month of work there, they rent apartments for $1.500-$4000 per month. If you`re interested in our vacancy, send us to e-mail 2-3 new photos, your contact information (phone, skype), and also a short resume where you describe your age,sphere ofactivity. Contacts: E-Mail: hr@job4dancers.com.ua Skype: hr.job4dancers
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